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In the spring of 2013, a group of high school friends combined their artistic talents with their drive to serve their community. They merged meaning “vacation” and meaning “chaotic” “crazy,” and VäKú was born. What originated as just a term, transformed into a lifestyle brand formally defined as, “Indescribable Happiness.”

VäKú  noun: “Indescribable Happiness” (formal)

                    noun: 1. Having a crazy, good time (slang)

                                  2. Good energy, vibes (slang)

VäKú is a platform where like-minded individuals can co-exist while building relationships that propel philanthropy. We utilize Indescribable Happiness in our art, not only to combat the ills of society; but to promote love, peace, and happiness instead.

Through art, apparel and music, we are able to fund our underlying mission of helping those in need. VäKú has earned and achieved several milestones in regard to serving the community:

  • Hosting food giveaways that fed over 500 homeless citizens.

  • Partnering with various charitable organizations such as the ALS Association, the Sickle Cell Disease Association of America (SCDAA), including a featured news segment.

  • A portion of our profit is donated to charitable causes, allowing us to donate over $1,000 to different charity events.

  • In addition, we have co-sponsored both the Jerk Chicken Festival and the New Orleans Caribbean Festival.


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