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KúNOLA Collection is NOW Available!

When was the last time you checked your calendar? Well, you may want to look a little closer because you don’t want to miss an important day of the year... "Fat Tuesday", which is also known as Mardi Gras Day. Mardi Gras Day will be on February 13th.

You may be thinking to yourself, “I’m not from and/or live in New Orleans, LA or Mobile, AL. How in the world can I celebrate?” VäKú cracked that code for you. We are offering a limited edition of our highly anticipated VäKú collection, known as KúNOLA. This collection will help you let the good times roll with its VäKú camouflage print with a twist of Mardi Gras flair. This will make you feel like you’re really there.

Now, for our peeps that are from and/or live in New Orleans, LA & Mobile, AL you know the drill and the deal. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of looking the kúlest on MG Day. So, take advantage and don’t wait until the last minute.

This KúNOLA collection offers four styles that consist of long sleeves & short sleeve shirts. In addition, we added youth sizes for the little ones this year as well. They can be purchased in the Shop tab of our website. Also, if you’re feeling froggy we dare you to click on the picture below to begin your preparation for Mardi Gras Day.

If you may pose any questions or concerns regarding this collection please refer to our FAQs on the Contact page of our website. Also, for those who are trying to figure out what they will look like in real time please take a look at our supporters sporting the KúNOLA collection from last year.

We are exactly FIVE Tuesdays away from the ultimate FAT TUESDAY. So, get to it Kú! BoBika.

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