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VäKú celebrates 5th Year Anniversary TODAY!

It has been officially FIVE years since our inception. The Culture of Art & Charity still reigns strong today. VäKú has given back to our community through in-kind donations, food giveaways, school supply giveaways, and toys & book giveaways. In addition, the Krú has traveled to numerous places across the United States to spread indescribable happiness that we all do love through interviews, vending, and performances. Because of you Kú ,is the reason WE ARE ALL THE CULTURE OF ART & CHARITY! Thank You!  

(Dillard University students begin a campaign called “VäKú Fridays” because people are generally happy on Fridays due to its start of the weekend) 

(Children in the New Orleans Metro area stop by for some free toys in December 2016)

(Krú members giving away food and water in June 2014) 

(Some of our Krú members posing for a photo) 

(Our sponsored artist, ALLAY performing at the Jerk Chicken Festival in New Orleans, LA in February 2017) 

(VäKú co-sponsors the NOLA Caribbean Festival by providing t-shirts) 

You’re not going to believe this Kú.. but, we’re going to celebrate the 5th Year Anniversary TODAY the KúWay at Dillard University in New Orleans, LA. We will be vending in the bottom of Kearny Hall from 11AM-1PM. Make sure you come shop & celebrate with us. #Kú5th #VäKúAnniversary #VäKú #myDU

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