Dear Diary (2013)


Dear Diary is just that for Allay. With this project he opened all of his deepest thoughts to us, giving us a good glimpse into some of his deepest thoughts.  Allay introduced listeners to his multitude of flows while imposing his struggles and love from his hometown of New Orleans with track  "New Orleans" and reminding young black kids that they are  beautiful in "Black Amerikkka".


Stream & Download "Dear Diary" here:


The Ku (2015)



The Ku implies Allays growth in  the music realm. A collection of conversations complementing these soulful stories unlock the important pieces of how and even why these stories came about. Allay even took new approaches like TMWYWG with a reggae inspired single, showing a bit of his diversity.



R.A.P.E. - Reaching All People's Ears (2016)


Thought Provoking Masterpiece by Allay & Super-Producer, Blaq-N-Mild. The controversial title catches the attention of all. R.A.P.E is a mixture of good times and the intense stories we all know from Allay. R.A.P.E. is narrated by interviews from Black Tide's Iso, giving good transitions to songs following. In songs like "Slow Down" and "Kalifornia" we get the vibes and sounds derived from Houston, Texas and California. Allay shows us a much harder grind in his debut album.


Just Wanna Featuring DVNTAE (2017)


ALLAY & DVNTAE teams up for a futuristic track! These two artist "JUST WANNA HAVE SOME FUN"


30 for 30: The Rise of a Legend (2017)



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