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Keep Swimming.

Hi Family,

We hope all is well and you're remaining safe & healthy during this time of uncertainty. It's been a while since we last saw each other and we're missing each of you. Even though we can't see you, we're always thinking of you. In lieu of the times, we curated a playlist that may be able to get you through the times. We've titled it Keep Swimming. It is meant to inspire, encourage collaboration, and positivity during these times.

Check it out and listen on your next run, indoor activity, or when things are "blah" to put in lamest terms. Available now on Apple Music, Spotify & TIDAL (see below). Make sure to like, favorite, or follow us. We plan to keep 'em coming. Enjoy!


Apple Music:

Spotify: spotify:playlist:3dUmlxNDdZfR4tPMUXt3Tl



Usually, at the end of these posts, we say "We hope you have a crazy good time!", but we'd be remiss if we did not wish that. We hope each of you has good times in the midst of these crazy times. Again, stay safe & stay healthy.

Each wave arises with different challenges throughout it all... Keep Swimming.

Be Blessed Kú.

Bobika (1Love).

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