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What is Your Happiness?

What up Kú !

We hope all is well and still having a good time out there. We have a challenge for you and want you to get involved.

A few months ago we caught up with a few of our friends at their favorite spots across Denver, CO to get a true understanding of what Happiness, Fearlessness, and Charity mean to them. We even caught up with the man behind the lens who captured the best VäKú moments with Adrienne, Will, and Kiley. We want to share a backstory with you first and then dive into the challenge. Also, if you're ever in the Denver area we recommend you check out these places for the best views & scenes.

First, we have to capture the man behind the lens: de.voe. de.voe, a visual photographer and world-traveler in Denver. You can always catch him hanging around & capturing moments on Colfax Ave., in the Highlands, or in Boulder, Co.

A message from de.voe: I was humbled to offer my eyes for a movement that is creating an avenue for people to contemplate what happiness is. I’ve been able to meet people who are simultaneously experiencing our world with their own unique paths and bear witness to the beauty in how expansive love is.


First, we have Kiley & Kooper, a dynamic duo from Chicago who recently moved to Denver. We caught up with them at Cheesman Park in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Kiley said "To me, charity is putting others before yourself. Charity is giving to those who are in need, without wanting something in return. It’s about bringing people together and working together to become a better community. Charity is to love and care for others!"

Charity is one of our main pillars and brand mission. As mentioned before there is no right answer for anything that we do ask. The charity has a plethora of meanings and Kiley painted the perfect picture for us on what that means to her.


Now, we have our guy Will B. & Sah, a Dallas native who's lived in Denver for almost 2 years actively pursuing modeling. We captured Will B. at Standley Lake in Westminster, Co.

Will B. said "Fearless means, nothing in my way can stop me, not even me"

Will wants us to understand that individuality is everything. If you are being you then there is no excuse on why you shouldn’t be able to overcome fears and conquer dreams. Also, he wants us to understand that we can become our own worst critic at times too.


Last, we have Adrienne, a Pennsylvania native who recently moved to Denver, Co an aspiring furniture & design professional. Adrienne is usually hanging around the Highlands or Downtown Denver with friends.

Adrienne said "Happiness means spending time with friends & family."

Happiness is literally the definition of VäKú. Indescribable happiness if we want to be more specific. In our teachings, VäKú is a feeling you are unable to describe due to your high adrenaline and But, the point is happiness stems from a multitude of things in our lives and it’s different for each person as well. Adrienne shares her personal view of what happiness means to her. So, what is your happiness?

Challenge: Kú, we are asking you to be a part of this journey as well. We challenge you to tell us “What is your happiness?” while using the hashtag #WhatIsHappiness & be sure to tag us (@vakubrand) on all platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) by way of video, tweet or photos. For those who are not on social media please email us a short sentence or quote on what happiness means to you followed by your name & city.

What is the #WhatIs Campaign?

It is a campaign that poses the question “What is_____?” This is a way for our supporters to engage and have a dialogue with us to gain perspectives on different topics. We believe there is no right answer because at the end of the day you must Be You and Be VäKú. Individuality keeps the world going. Be sure to stay tuned with this campaign as we approach Summer '19.

Happy VäKú Friday!


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