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Where Are Memories Made? by Alivia Grace

It’s A Vibe... 

What is a good vibe? It’s when the frequency of every body in the room is on the same wave length. It’s when we are all full of joy and laughter in spite of; its those moments that define what a real connection, or feeling really is. 

That is exactly what I felt when I walked into an apartment filled with artist who were all there to be apart of VäKú s second event in Dallas. 

When I arrived to the rooftop on Main St. downtown; I didn’t know what I was walking into. But I was surprised to see everyone moving equipment inside and gathering on the stairs. That was it. VäKú ’s “ Where Memories Are Made” event would be on hold until the rain passed.

At that moment I was walked inside of the building to an apartment, filled with “ good vibes”. Artist were talking, playing music and still preparing to perform.

It suddenly clicked, this is what I was here for. To capture the authenticity, the connections, the vibe all orchestrated by VäKú.  

I leaned against the wall of the apartment and I just listened.

Melodies were echoed in the room as a couple of the artist sang. People were sharing their, thoughts, dreams and little pieces of themselves as they all waited patiently.

The weather didn’t appear as if it were going to change and it was decided that the event would be cancelled. But that didn’t stop the party. It was refreshing to see everyone come together to find an alternative. It was even more refreshing when the artist decided that they would all still perform, even if no one showed up, even if the weather changed the initial plan. 

That’s VäKú. A movement. An indescribable feelings that pushes you towards creativity. Happiness despite unforeseen circumstances. Good energy even when it doesn’t seem like something is possible, the audacity to sing with the rain, to dream with intention.

The rain eventually let up and the party went on.

VäKú is more than a feeling; it’s a culture. Once you put the energy out there it circulates. When you spread love and happiness it’s contagious.

That’s VäKú.


If this sounds like your wave, then you're in luck. VäKú is taking things up a notch this month at Rainbow Vomit in Dallas, TX. Be sure to click the flyer & learn what's in store for the next Where Memories Are Made.

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