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C'Ku: Different Worlds


On July 27th, the VaKu family fed 150+ homeless citizens and clothed 20+ selected people with their limited edition volunteer shirts. For the third time around the event was a success but much DIFFERENT in ways that are unexplainable. This specific drive was special in its own right from the traditional group shot to the prayer & gospel songs we received from our elders but overall it was genuine. The experience humbled us all. We would like to give a special thanks to everyone involved Algernon, Alvin, Barrett, BD, Bo, Christie, Dinell, Dom, Daja, Jabbar, Jaron, Jasmine, Jikia, Kenna, Steven, Tiara, Toine, Troy and Tyree. Your help is greatly appreciated and we cannot wait until pt. 4... "You could get by but you can't get away" #VaKu

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