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2nd Annual LSG: Oretha Castle Haley Edition

On May 31st, the VK family hosted their second annual Last Sunday Giveaway event which resulted in over 140+ sandwiches served and 25 homeless citizens clothed with limited edition volunteer shirts. For the fourth go around we witnessed the power of youth. This specifc event created an indescribable vibe amongst so many people from different paths to create one culture of genuine BoBiKa. The experience humbled us all. We would like to give a special thanks to everyone involved; Allay, Arrianne, Brandi, Bria, Brianisha, Bridget, Bryan, Cassie, Chantelle, China, Courtney, Cydney, Destiny, India, Kentrell, Raven, Ro, Ron, Shamar, Shante, Steve, Taynisha, and Tiara.

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